What Are Some Techniques for Teaching Adults to Read?


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Some techniques for teaching adults to read include building trust with them, making the materials used relevant to daily life and using many types of teaching materials. Some other techniques include tailoring the methods used to each individual and using diagnostic tools.

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Build trust to make the students feel as comfortable as possible while learning something that is likely frustrating to them. Be respectful of any struggles the students have, and speak to them without being condescending. Diagnostic tools are available that assist in measuring a student's current reading ability. Alternately, working one-on-one with a student using simple reading exercises may produce a valid measurement.

Some materials make comprehension easier because they address everyday issues, such as basic conversational words, phrases and texts, or because they are subject-driven materials focusing on topics such as ordering at a restaurant or going shopping. Some homework exercises that engage students include asking them to think of words or phrases from their personal lives that they want to learn in class. While educational materials are abundant and relevant, incorporating picture books, magazines, flash cards or stories that interest the students makes the work more interesting to them. Each student learns differently, so incorporating visual, auditory and kinesthetic exercises ensures that each student's needs are addressed.

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