What Are Some Techniques to Improve Your Memory?


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Individuals seeking to improve memory can engage in mentally stimulating activities such as reading, completing crossword puzzles, learning to play an instrument or taking alternative driving routes. People can also stimulate the brain and moods by socializing with others more frequently or volunteering in the community to encourage critical thinking and conversations.

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People can improve their memory by organizing events, appointments and tasks in an electronic planner, on a calendar or in a notebook. The brain is stimulated when tasks are repeated aloud when writing down notes. A to-do list serves as a helpful reminder and stimulates the brain to take action and think about upcoming events and activities.

Individuals can also improve memory by focusing on one task or issue at a time. Distractions should be limited and people should avoid multitasking to stay focused. People who commonly forget events, dates or commitments can improve memory by associating the activity with a song or a rhyme to jar the memory.

Strong brain function relies on optimal health. People should get at least eight hours of sleep each night to keep their brain sharp and focused. Individuals faced with a forgetful moment can rejuvenate the brain by taking a deep breath and allowing themselves a few minutes to recall the information.

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