What Techniques Does Achieve 3000 Use to Help Students Succeed?

What Techniques Does Achieve 3000 Use to Help Students Succeed?

Achieve 3000 guarantees student success using non-fiction content and real-time assessment in its web-based differentiated instruction. Achieve 3000’s triumph stems from its strong belief that every student has the potential to perform better.

Achieve 3000 is the developer of leading online literacy and science solutions including KidBiz 3000, TeenBiz 3000, Empower 3000 and Spark 3000. The study solution provider relies on computer adaptive programs to present modified content to the students. The adaptive program is proven to accelerate fluency, writing proficiency, comprehension reading and test scores.

Achieve 3000 uses stepwise literacy routines that help students to develop higher-order thinking skills. Additionally, its anchor lessons expose students to more sources of media which boosts their ability to express opinions. Achieve 3000 further prepares students by engaging them in interactive articles and assignments touching on the current issues. Motivation remains high throughout all Achieve 3000’s sessions.

An integrated online book search tool lets students find the right books depending on their interests. Literacy solutions from Achieve 3000 provide teachers with a real-time reporting diagnostic tool for evaluating students.

Solutions from Achieve 3000 are customized to meet each state’s scopes and sequences. The programs are student-oriented and support inquiry-based learning. Achieve 3000 programs are easily implemented by setting up computer labs or using projectors and smartboards.