What Is the Best Technique for Reading Passages With Questions?

A good technique for reading passages with questions is to glance over the questions before reading the passage, circle the main point questions, review the information at the top of the passage, skim the passage for important features, and answer the questions. It is advisable to predict answers before looking at the choices and answer the general purpose questions last.

Glancing over the questions before reading the passage gives you an idea of the areas you need to focus on and the points to look for. Note the questions asking for specific details, and pay special attention to the lines containing answers to these questions. Mark the general questions and address them after reading the specific questions. Reading the information at the top of the passage allows you to understand the purpose, tone and style of the passage.

Read the passage quickly to save time for answering questions. Skim for the important features of the passage, including the opening and closing lines of paragraphs. Watching out for transitional verbs and phrases helps you mark a shift in ideas. Answering the specific questions first gives you a good sense of the passage that enables you to answer the general questions quickly.