What Are Some Free Teaching Resources for Sign Language?


As of June 2015, the American Sign Language University offers two free online courses in sign language. Each course features three units with 15 ASL lessons. ASL instructors may use the lessons as teaching resources. StartASL.com also offers three online ASL classes, fingerspelling practices, and some free teaching guides.

ASL University's sign language resources are designed for ASL students, but instructors can also use the lessons as pointers and guides for teaching the language. The ASL University online course provides core lessons including introduction to deaf culture, ASL basics, fingerspelling, numbers and related practices. Each unit comes with an objective, which the teacher can also use to set goals for students and a list of words to increase the student's vocabulary. The second course provides additional lessons about grammar and advanced forms of sign language. The courses from ASL University are designed to be completed in two semesters and are combined with images, clips and video tutorials.

The teaching guide on StartASL.com includes tips starting from seating arrangements to guides on how to converse with students using both hands and voice. The instructional materials are available for download on the site. StartASL.com also offers free lessons for ASL students, which include a downloadable workbook for class assignments and activities, instructional materials available for purchase or download, and interactive lessons.