How Do Teaching Methods Differ in Various Learning Styles?


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There are four main types of learners: visual, auditory, reading/writing preference and kinesthetic. Each of the four learning styles requires a slightly different approach to teaching, and instructors often rely on multiple methods in order to achieve a balanced result.

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How Do Teaching Methods Differ in Various Learning Styles?
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Visual learners prefer images and graphic representation of concepts, so an appropriate teaching method involves the use of computer graphics, diagrams and text with a high number of pictures, such as comics.

Auditory learners rely on oral communication as a main tool to process information, and as a consequence are most comfortable in classroom situations involving lecturing, group discussions and storytelling. Teachers can also use materials such as audio or video tapes, and may opt to organize class time around student presentations or discussion panels.

Students with a strong reading/writing preference are most at ease with lessons organized around text and textual responses. Teachers can use materials such as short stories and other text-centered elements in order to facilitate the learning experience, and they often leave ample room for note-taking.

Lastly, kinesthetic learners are hands-on learners who depend on physical and tactile experiences. Teachers can facilitate learning by structuring lessons that involve movement, such as games and competitions. Another approach involves the construction of models or hands-on experiments.

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