Who Teaches Basic Arabic Phrases to English Speakers?


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Linguanaut, Grapheshisha, Omniglot and Fodors are websites that teach basic Arabic phrases to English speakers. The websites' phrases are common in everyday life and include variations for referring to both males and females. English and Arabic have different alphabets, and phrases are spelled phonetically using the English alphabet.

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Reading Arabic phrases is only the first step for English speakers to learn them and sites that list them include videos on pronunciation, information about the Arabic alphabet, information about Middle Eastern food and other related articles.

The Arabic phrase "Assalaam Alaikum" means "Peace be upon you" and is an Islamic greeting. The term Islam itself is Arabic and Muslims are taught to greet each other with this Arabic phrase no matter their nationality or native language. The response to the greeting is "Wa Alaikum assalaam," which translates to "And peace be upon you."

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