How Do Teachers Use SuccessMaker in the Classroom?


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SuccessMaker is a support tool for teachers. The program supplies real-time analysis of the performance of each student and reveals smart, constructive data. This helps save time for teachers who can use the data to make adjustments, formulate lessons and improve teaching.

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SuccessMaker uses the adaptive technology to provide a fun interactive platform where learners can work independently. Teachers can monitor performance and offer personal support at any time during the program. The program features the ability to make adjustments in lessons for each student according to performance level. SuccessMaker’s model begins with an initial starting level and moves on to more challenging tasks. This allows proper assessment of a learner’s understanding, mastery level and skill standard.

Teachers get access to useful data in real-time, which gives them a clear idea of each student’s needs. The program also provides a forecast of the performance of every individual student. The forecast allows teachers to effectively communicate with parents and take necessary steps to help students.

SuccessMaker follows a personalized sequential path and provides grade-level concepts with basic assessment modules. It features the ability to redirect to more practice, tutorials or review, in case a student struggles to move forward. Overall, the program is a smart, time-saving companion for both teachers and students.

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