What Do Teachers Use SoftSeven For?

Teachers use Softseven software to provide elementary through middle school students with learning based games and competitions for math, spelling, vocabulary, geography and Spanish curriculums. The company provides teachers with prize packages to add incentive to the learning process. Prizes available depend on the type of package purchased from Softseven.

Teachers can purchase Softseven for a single machine or multiple workstations depending on class size requirements and resources. Math competitions include the math fact based game "MathRace" and the "MathQuiz" game which has 18 modules.

Spelling lessons start early with "AlphaBiz" which teaches the alphabet, colors and the keyboard to preschoolers. "LittleBee" is phonics based spelling for Pre-K, Kindergarten and first graders. The spelling bee game is grade specific with separate modules for grades two through five. "Core4Games" strengthen each student's vocabulary and "Quatro Letras" helps develop Spanish vocabulary.

The "GeoWorld" game's goal is to make learning countries and continents fun while "GeoStates" tests kid's knowledge of states, capitals, flags and state trivia. "George 44" encourages learning the United States presidents and "Bird Songs" is a game just for fun.

Students compete inside their own schools for prizes provided by Softseven that include iPod Shuffles, hats, medals and water bottles. Top performers at each school can advance to regional competitions to compete against students from other schools.