Why Do Teachers Let You Find Free Answers?


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Some teachers allow students to find free answers as a way of making the students less dependent on the teacher to provide all of the answers. This style of teaching encourages more independent thought and research by the students and also forces students to become good evaluators of source reliability. This is because of the persistent chance that the free answers they located may be incorrect and drastically affect their overall grade.

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One of the drawbacks of teachers allowing students to find free answers is that some students react very negatively to what they see as the teacher failing to perform a critical element of teaching in providing the answers to students. Teachers should warn students ahead of time that they will not provide direct answers, but plan to provide feedback to the answers to the students find, ending with a promise that the class should have a set of good answers by the end of the session. This provides an opportunity for a gradual shifting of responsibility over the course of the semester, with the teacher providing fewer direct answers over the course of time as students achieve higher levels of independence and critical thinking. This allows the teacher to slowly wean students from dependence on others.

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