How Do Teachers Get Free Educational Materials?


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Some methods teachers may use to procure free educational materials and supplies for their classrooms are starting crowdfunding efforts on the Internet, partnering with local businesses, entering themselves, their classrooms, and their students into various contests and sweepstakes, joining an online educator's group, or purchasing recycled supplies online or at recycling locations. Most public school teachers partner with their administrators, communities and students to encourage donations and earnings of classroom materials.

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The Internet is a novel and effective resource for teachers to find free education materials online. Crowdfunding websites such as DonersChoose.org and social media websites such as Facebook and Twitter allow teachers to set up a page to request items and explain how their students could benefit. Any individual or business that accesses the page has the option to contribute to the teacher's classroom. Similarly, community educator groups on Google+ or Yahoo! Groups give teachers opportunities to post supplies they need and receive support and donations from other educators or student parents.

Off the Internet, teachers and administrators band together to partner their school with local supplier businesses such as grocery stores, office supply stores and superstores. Most businesses may be encouraged to donate because donations to public schools often qualify for tax write-offs at the end of the year. Many big businesses also hold sweepstakes where classrooms can enter and apply to win free or discounted materials.

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