How Do You Teach Writing?


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To teach writing, choose a writing strategy, guide students as they write, and provide opportunities for them to practice independently. Six traits of writing to use as a model are organization, ideas, voice, word choice, sentence fluency and conventions.

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Model a trait by reading a good writing sample and a poor writing sample. Make a poster of the components of the good sample. Then, write in front of the students and talk about the process as you write. Make mistakes and correct them, continually referring back to the poster.

Next, start a new piece of writing that you and the students do together. Choose a shared experience, such as a field trip, and gather input from students as you write. Students are then ready to practice on their own. Give them a writing assignment that is geared toward the current trait. Have the writing poster available for students to reference. Guide them on the steps of the writing process, and schedule time to meet with each student to give them feedback on the current strategy.

Start the process over again with a different strategy. This time, during independent writing, provide feedback on both strategies. Continue adding strategies until you have covered all six of the traits of good writing.

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