How Do You Teach Sight Words?

How Do You Teach Sight Words?

To teach sight words, show children the words on flashcards, say the words, and have the children repeat them. Go through a series of spelling activities to teach them the sight words, repeating the activities daily until the children are ready to play games with the words.

  1. Introduce the new word

    Show children the first sight word printed clearly on a flashcard. Say the word, and have them repeat it.

  2. Reinforce the new sight word

    Have the children say the word, and then spell it before saying the word again. Have the children tap out the spelling. Next, have them write the word in the air while reading the word. Finally, have the children write the word on a table with their fingers. Repeat the procedure for three to five new sight words.

  3. Review the sight words

    For the next lesson, go through the whole procedure for all the sight words, from saying it aloud to spelling it on the table. Keep reinforcing the words this way until the children have internalized the reading. Do not introduce any new sight words.

  4. Correct mistakes

    When children make mistakes, state the correct word, and have them repeat the word twice after you. Repeat the word again, and include it in a sentence before asking the children to repeat the word a final time.

  5. Play sight-word games

    Play games such as Bingo, word search and Go Fish to reinforce the sight words. Once children are playing games confidently with the sight words, begin to introduce more.