How Do You Teach Reading?

How Do You Teach Reading?

Teaching a child to read is a great way to spend quality time while imparting an invaluable skill. You can teach a child to read using these steps. Make sure to have several short, easy books available.

  1. Read to the child

    Hearing a model of good reading is the first step in a child's path to reading. Choose a story the child enjoys, and read it out loud together. Pause occasionally, and ask questions to make sure the child understands the story.

  2. Identify text in everyday life

    Help the child point out letters as you see them throughout the day, especially outside the pages of books. Recognizing text in natural settings such as cereal boxes, game instructions and billboards helps children understand that words are everywhere and that text carries meaning.

  3. Provide hands on practice with letters and letter sounds

    In order to read, children must be familiar with the sounds letters make. Children thrive on hands-on activities and games, so use manipulatives to practice letter sounds. Examples of hands-on activities include using refrigerator magnets in the shape of letters, writing letters in sand or dirt, or placing alphabet stickers on a paper.

  4. Practice decoding

    Decoding is applying letter sounds to whole words. Encourage the child to say each sound in a word and then say them all together quickly to make a word. Give the child some simple stories to read and help him sound out the words in the stories.

  5. Read a lot

    Readers improve by reading, so encourage the young reader to read as much as possible. Help the child find books on topics that are interesting, and set a good example by doing a lot of reading yourself.