How Do You Teach Present Continuous Tense?


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There are many fun games and activities for teaching the present continuous tense. Games and activities motivate the students to learn by encouraging interaction and friendly competition. One simple way to teach the present continuous tense is to encourage students to describe pictures that depict actions. Use question prompts with verbs in the correct tense such as, "What is the man doing?" and "Where is the girl going?"

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Charades is a suitable activity for teaching the present continuous tense. Give students flashcards with actions that they must mime in front of the class. Break the classroom up into groups of four. Give one point to a group for each correct guess but only if it is in the correct tense. For example, a student may say, "He is running," or "She is eating soup."

A drawing race is another way to practice the present continuous tense. Split the class into two groups. One student from each group must walk to the board and draw a picture of a sentence that she had read on a flashcard. The group members must guess the actions depicted in the drawing while using only the present continuous tense. The first group to guess correctly gets the first point, and then a new group member goes to the board.

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