How Do You Teach Phonics?


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To teach phonics, educate children on how to find patterns in the English language through visual, kinesthetic and auditory learning activities. Start with simple letter and short vowel sounds, and then move on to more complicated consonant blends and long vowel combinations.

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There are 42 sounds that make up the English language. First, teach the sounds in isolation and then create conceptual understanding of the sounds through reading and writing. For example, show the child the digraph “th” and explain its special sound. Then look for things around the room that start with “th,” and write them down. Play a simple game, such as bingo or concentration, to reinforce the concept. Sort words into categories, such as “th” words in one line and “ch” words in another line. Read a book together, point out all the words with “th,” and have the child practice the words. Create a word bank with “th” words, and have the child write sentences using those words.

Keep lessons short and fun. Add variety, movement and music. Do not get frustrated if the child does not pick up the concept right away. If he is frustrated, move on to another concept and come back to the initial concept later.

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