How Do You Teach Multiplication?


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To teach multiplication, have students memorize the times tables and practice them at least twice a day for five to 10 minutes. Teach students multiplication tricks, such as skip counting, and turn multiplication problems into a game to make learning more enjoyable.

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One multiplication game described by About.com education expert Deb Russell is Multiplication War. To play, get a deck of flashcards with multiplication problems. Flip over the top card. The first student to answer correctly gets the card. The student who collects the most cards wins. A deck of playing cards can also be used, with two cards being flipped over to create the math problem.

Skip counting is skipping over one or more numbers while counting. Each number skip counted is a multiple of the original number. Doubling is a trick that works when multiplying by 2 or 4. When multiplying by 2, double the original number. When multiplying by 4, double it twice.

Handy nines works for multiples of 9, up to the equation 9 multiplied by 10. To use handy nines, hold both hands together with all 10 fingers outstretched, then curl down the finger that corresponds to the number being multiplied by 9. The number of fingers to the left of the curled finger is the number in the tens column, and the number of fingers to the right of the curled finger is the number in the ones column.

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