How Do You Teach Math Regrouping in Third Grade?


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Base Ten Blocks provide students with a visual representation and physical manipulative to help facilitate understanding of regrouping. To teach regrouping using Base Ten Blocks, have students exchange ten units, which represent ones, for a single rod, which represents tens. Ten rods are exchanged for one flat, representing 100.

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Base Ten Blocks is used to model regrouping in addition up to the thousands place value. By adding numbers that require regrouping, students will need to continually exchange smaller place value blocks for larger blocks. This process can be reversed to teach regrouping in subtraction.

BrainPop Educators provides educators and parents with articles on background information for regrouping. This helps those working with students understand why regrouping works while providing adults with kid-friendly language on the topic. These articles align with BrainPop Jr.'s educational video on regrouping, designed for grades K through 3. Brainpop also has several free online games and printable worksheets accessible to students, teachers and parents to help support classroom lessons on regrouping.

Education World is a free online lesson database for educators. Lessons on regrouping are presented in kid-friendly language and broken down into short, easily accessed blocks of information so that a student may master each aspect of regrouping at their own rate. Education World includes printable worksheets and interactive games that align with each lesson.

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