How Do You Teach History Facts the Fun Way?


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To teach history facts the fun way, provide interactive games and lessons that encourage students to create, move or compete. Trivia games such as Jeopardy or 20 Questions get students interacting and thinking quickly. Have the students create the questions to increase learning, and provide prizes to increase motivation.

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Teach historical people by playing charades. Put the names of historical people in a basket and have a student choose a name. She then acts like the historical person as the rest of the students guess. Teach historical dates by playing What Came First. Divide the students into groups and give them note cards with historical events, such as the Mayflower Compact and the French and Indian War. Groups compete to be the first to put the cards in order.

Have students do research and then create artistic projects. For example, divide students into groups and assign each group a historical era. They then research the era and make and illustrate books. Or give students a region to research, such as the Massachusetts Bay Colony. The group creates a poster listing facts about the area and encouraging other students to move to that region. Students can also use clay to create models of historical buildings or artifacts.

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