How Do You Teach First Aid to Kids?

teach-first-aid-kids Credit: Image Source/Image Source/Getty Images

The Red Cross suggests teaching first aid to children in stages, at home and at school. They offer a program called F.A.C.T. (First Aid for Children Today), designed for kids ages 5 to 8. Schools also offer first aid programs as a part of basic health and physical education. Appropriate teaching materials and a program guide are necessary for teaching the numerous first aid skills to children.

In its formal first aid handbook, The Red Cross suggests enrolling in proper training as the first step in learning first aid. Though there is no formal degree or certificate, the American Red Cross endorses training programs and offers its materials and resources through local Red Cross departments in each state. In addition to the F.A.C.T. Program, local Red Cross departments offer seminars and overview programs for children.

Reinforcement and expansion of basic home first aid is available in other settings. The Department of Health and Physical Education requires that physical education teachers undergo formal first aid training before implementing school programs. On the Kids Health website, printable safety guides are available for specific first aid applications. Other first aid basics are available in written and electronic format on Amazon, Barnes and Noble and parenting websites. They include films, interactive games, hands-on kits, posters and other useful graphic displays. The Red Cross, doctors and parenting experts suggest basic hygiene and hand-washing as a first step in any successful first aid program for children.