How Do You Teach English Grammar to Children?


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To effectively teach English grammar to children, teachers must model the task first, then guide students through a lesson and provide time for them to practice the new concept. Depending on the topic, teachers can also use games, videos and even websites to aid learning.

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Teachers need to tier their lessons to accommodate the needs and abilities of their students. For a lesson on identifying prepositions in sentences, the first step would be for the teacher to have students build a preposition chart in the classroom to use as a visual aid. Teachers could also consider printing individual charts or having students create their own reference charts to keep in a grammar notebook.

To begin the lesson, teachers would write several sentences on the board, using a different color marker to identify the prepositions. After the children become comfortable with identifying the words on the board, the next step would be to have students use a marker or crayon to circle prepositions in sentences on a worksheet or construct their own sentences using prepositions. For younger students, or those who benefit from more hands-on learning styles, teachers can cut words out of card stock and allow students to physically build sentences. As students get better at identifying prepositions, the teacher would gradually withdraw support until students master the task without assistance.

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