How do you teach children to read?


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Teaching children to read takes tenacity, patience and understanding. The basic steps involved in teaching reading skills include starting early, reading with children, asking questions, modeling good reading habits, identifying letter shapes and sounds, developing phonemic awareness and phonics skills, memorizing sight words and having fun.

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How do you teach children to read?
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  1. Start early

    Exposing young children to books and reading helps prepare them for learning to read. By showing young children that marks on a page represent information, children are better able to transition into reading. Playing with shapes, letters and words also helps.

  2. Read with children

    Reading aloud with children shows them that books can be fun and enjoyable, and is an important experience.

  3. Ask questions

    When reading, ask questions about the content. Show children that reading is not a passive activity. By asking questions, you help the child learn to comprehend the content. The main purpose of reading is not sounding out each word, but comprehension. Additionally, asking questions helps improve vocabulary.

  4. Model god reading

    Read books for yourself. Children need to see that you value reading.

  5. Identify letter shapes and sounds

    As children spend more time with books, identifying the shapes and sounds of letters helps them begin to decode the information on the page. Point at letters and make the appropriate sound.

  6. Develop phonemic awareness and phonics skills

    As sounds are learned, emphasis can shift to blending groups of sounds together to form words. Manipulating words helps children understand the function of text.

  7. Memorize sight words

    Spend time learning sight words, also known as high-frequency words. These are words that are encountered with great regularity. By memorizing sight words, children no longer have to decode these words. This increases the reading rate and makes comprehension easier.

  8. Have fun

    Above all else, have fun when teaching children to read. If they see reading as a chore, interest drops and the child may no longer have interest.

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