How Do You Teach Autistic Children?


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Temple Grandin of the Indiana Resource Center for Autism states that some of the best ways of teaching autistic children include teaching them with images as opposed to words, avoiding long-worded instructions and utilizing art, computer programming and drawing as a teaching method. An autistic student who fixates on a specific object is able to learn better if that object is used in his lessons.

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An autistic child might consider images to be his first language and words to be his second language, notes Temple Grandin. Nouns can be used to paint a picture in the student's mind and are better reinforced if the teacher demonstrates the word.

Instructions that are given with as few words as possible are beneficial because autistic children often have problems remembering long sequences of words. Directions that include more than three steps should be written down if the student is able to read. A child might have difficulty remembering long sequences of numbers as well, since they are unable to picture the numbers, says Temple Grandin.

Autistic children who demonstrate an affinity for art, drawing or computer programming should be taught how to develop those skills in order that those skills can be utilized for future employment opportunities.

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