How Do You Teach "The ABC Song" to Preschoolers?


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Teach "The ABC Song" to preschoolers by printing out each letter of the alphabet on a sheet of paper before playing the song. Post the printouts on the classroom walls or distribute them to each student. While the students sing along, ask them to point to each letter they hear.

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How Do You Teach "The ABC Song" to Preschoolers?
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If the students are not yet familiar with "The ABC Song," play the entire song, and ask the students to clap or pat their laps along with the beat. Let the students enjoy the tune and naturally mimic the sounds they hear. "The ABC Song" has been translated into a number of music styles, such as rock, reggae and opera. Play different styles as you replay the song to build recall among preschoolers, and allow the students to vocally express themselves as they listen to each style.

After playing "The ABC Song," display the names of objects that begin with each letter of the alphabet. Provide pictures of the names you intend to share. If the students think of other objects in the same categories, give them encouragement. For the next lesson, ask the students to arrange printouts of the letters in the right order while they listen to the song in the background.

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