What Are Some Survival Tips for Substitute Teachers?


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Some survival tips for substitute teachers include being prepared, being confident and being professional. The aforementioned three tips are inclusive of many other useful tips and suggestions from experienced substitute teachers.

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Being prepared can involve arriving early to the classroom to get familiar with the class setup as well as being familiar with the lesson plan to be followed before arriving too the class. Seasoned substitutes note that it is very important to stick strictly to the lesson plan, and if any part of the lesson is left undone, to make a note of it for the regular teacher. Others suggest conversing with grade-level teachers to gain helpful insight into a particular school's classroom dynamics and to have any questions answered.

The importance of confidence could hardly be overemphasized. If a substitute teacher does not appear to be in control or is not sure of their ability to lead and direct the class, the students may take control and things could easily get out of hand.

Being professional has to do with rising to unexpected or difficult challenges that may present themselves. Remaining calm and thinking things through is ultimately in the best interest of the students and makes a positive impression on superiors, parents and others.

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