What Are Some Support and Encouragement Sayings?


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Some sayings that show support and encouragement are "I'm here for you" and "You did really well." For people who are feeling discouraged, phrases such as these can help them reconnect with their sense of personal value.

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Phrases that highlight a person's positive qualities are also very effective. Often, people who are feeling discouraged find difficulty identifying their own positive attributes and have a tendency to focus on negative qualities. Sayings that start off similar to, "I really admire you for..." can help people appreciate their own personal traits.

Phrases that acknowledge progress and personal growth can also be a great way to show support. A person can be so focused on a specific failure or downfall that he or she cannot see the many successes that have also occurred in that time span. Sayings such as "You've made progress" and "You're not a failure" can help someone realize that he or she has made progress in the midst of failure.

Offering to listen is another way to show support, so sayings such as "Let me know if you need to talk" are also effective. For people who feel that others do not understand how they are feeling, it can be comforting to know that someone wants to take the time to understand.

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