How Do You Take Summer Classes Online?

Online summer coursework is available at sites such as and Both websites offer coursework for children of all ages, up to grade twelve.

The website offers program courses that meet or exceed state and national standards. The are adapted into courses that last either eight weeks or four weeks. The site can work with schools or directly with parents to implement the course. The site allows users to choose from various grad levels, to see sample student lesson plans and to look at student activities and support. Users are able to find a school or to purchase courses online.

International Connections Academy offers original credit courses to be counted to graduation requirements as well as enrichment courses. Courses range from digital photography to science to computers. Also available are career and technical education courses that allow students to combine college preparation with workforce skills development. The graduation credit courses are equivalent to approximately four hours of work per day, five days a week and have rolling start and end dates. Classes are generally available from the begin in early June and are available until the beginning of August. Summer school students receive a transcript at the end of the summer session. Enrollment is done through calling the organization or online.