How Do You Summarize a Newspaper Article?

To summarize a newspaper article, first read it carefully, paying attention to the main themes and topics. In one sentence, explain the main idea of the piece. In two to three additional sentences, explain any supporting themes or ideas in the newspaper article.

  1. Read the article carefully

    Read the title of the article to get an idea of the topic. If a picture is available, read the caption. Then, read the article carefully, looking for ideas that are repeated multiple times and in different ways. Use a highlighter or pencil to mark crucial ideas and topics as you read.

  2. Identify the main idea

    Look over your marks on the article, and identify the main idea of the piece. For clues, check for themes that come up more than once. Write one sentence that summarizes the main idea of the article. In clear language, state what the article is about and give the most compelling supporting idea or fact.

  3. Add supporting information

    Identify one or two supporting themes of the article. Summarize each idea in one sentence. Each sentence of your summary should relate to the main idea that you identified in step two, explaining why it is significant or offering further evidence.