How Do You Summarize an Article?

How Do You Summarize an Article?

To summarize an article, thoroughly analyze the source document. Reduce the content to its most basic information, constituting the main points and leaving out insignificant details.

  1. Gauge the article's strength

    Read the article a couple times to get an idea of all the main ideas and arguments that are present within it. During these initial reads, do not leave out any details. Make a list of all the arguments so you don’t forget any. Use a highlighter if you have a physical copy of the article.

  2. Write the summary

    Write the summary by leaving out insignificant details and focusing only on the essential points you filtered from the article. Avoid including any personal opinions, and make sure that only the arguments made by the author are included. Mention the name of the author in the summary and the title of the article. d

  3. Review the summary

    Ensure the use of present tense in your summary, and avoid using excessive quotes. Direct quotes are to be written in the summary primarily when referring the case the author is making. Make sure to keep the length of the summary to around three quarters of the original length. If the summary is shorter, make sure that all the points are covered.