How Does Sumdog Math Make Learning Fun?

Sumdog makes learning fun by integrating the learning of skills such as mathematics operations with interactive game formats. The user chooses among a variety of games, each possessing different themes and colorful graphics. Some Sumdog game titles include "Tennis Tie-Break," "Street Racer" and "Penalty Shootout."

In addition to "Tennis Tie-Break" and "Penalty Shootout," there are a number of other Sumdog game options that include sports themes. In "Athletics," the player finds herself in a blue-ribbon event, where correct answers enhance her sprinting speed. On the other hand, wrong answers cause her to stumble and lose valuable lives. In "Touchdown," the player faces off against the clock, using her skills to properly target receivers. The penalty for failure, however, is the painful onslaught of the defensive line.

Some of the nonsports-oriented games include "Talent Show," "Alien Invaders," "Tower Climber," "Pop Tune" and "Bunny Hop." "Alien Invaders" positions the player in a forest clearing, turning her gun to vaporize approaching intergalactic baddies. In "Bunny Hop," players test how quickly their rabbits can make it from the house to the carrot-laden vegetable patch, all while avoiding such menaces as barking dogs, falling cutlery and buzzing chainsaws. All of Sumdog's games require a username and personalized password to protect the identity of young users.