How Are Sugardoodle Teachers Taught to Deal With Difficult Students?

How Are Sugardoodle Teachers Taught to Deal With Difficult Students?

SugarDoodle teachers are taught to deal with the cause of the misbehavior. SugarDoodle teaching is associated with the Church of Latter Day Saints, though the two are not officially affiliated.

Some students misbehave because they are attentions seekers. These children welcome any attention they get, including negative attention. SugarDoodle teachers are supposed to use positive reinforcement with such students. They offer continuous praise for appropriate behavior and ignore negative behavior as much as possible.

Positive reinforcement is also used to motivate students. Again, rather than focusing on negative behaviors, such as a student being distracted from work, a SugarDoodle teacher focuses on the students who are working. They say the child's name and praise the specific task they complete. For instance, if they want students to line up quickly and quietly, they specifically praise the students who do so.

When students act defiantly, SugarDoodle teachers are taught to react paradoxically. Therefore, when children raise their voices, they speak softly. The louder the child gets, the softer and calmer the teacher becomes. Such interactions take place during one-on-one conferences with the child.

One trick many SugarDoodle teachers do involves the marble jar. In this case, the teacher drops a marble in the jar whenever they notice their instructions being followed or all students behaving themselves. When the jar is filled, the whole class is treated with a fun activity.