What Does Success Mean to You?


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While there are many interpretations of success, most definitions agree that it is a concept or feeling measured by the pursuit or completion of an objective. The dictionary definition of success is "the favorable or prosperous termination of attempts or endeavors; the accomplishment of one's goals."

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Success is a word shrouded in abstraction. The criteria used to determine success is relative to the perspective of the individual defining it. The pursuit of success and what is required of an individual on the way to it, is often spoken of with more certainty.

Getting to success requires more effort than the desire. The Latin word from which the English noun "success" is derived, succedere, means "come after;" in other words, it refers to a result. In order to achieve success, one must be doing something.

Dr. Henry Cloud, a successful business consultant, believes "doing something" is not enough to succeed. One quickly learns this as they start any new endeavour. Cloud says that "integrity is the key to success." In other words, an individual seeking to be successful needs to have proper character, as well. Some good habits that fall under this umbrella include embracing negative situations and being realistic, rather than idealistic, throughout the pursuit to success.

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