How Do You Succeed in College?

How Do You Succeed in College?

To succeed in college, maintain a healthy balance between academics and socialization, and prepare for both short-term and long-term goals. Also, you must practice good study skills.

  1. Balance academics and a social life

    Develop a schedule to ensure you have enough time for school, friends and yourself. Take care of yourself, and do not focus too much time on one area. Make time to exercise and de-stress.

  2. Prepare for goals

    Maintain a planner to track short-term goals, such as being ready for a test. Also use it for longer-term goals or deadlines, such as the date by which you need to declare a major. Develop intrinsic habits that help you meet those goals; for example, do your homework every day, and prepare for class.

  3. Practice excellent study skills

    Take quality notes in class; discriminate between what is important and what is not. Focus on main points and not on jotting down every word. Abbreviate and experiment with a shorthand that is all your own. Do not wait until the night before to cram for a test. Start studying well in advance by preparing for class every day, and begin to review material at least a week before a big test. Take breaks when you study, and get enough sleep.