What Are the Subjects Tested in an AR School Test?


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Accelerated Reader is an online tool that tests reading comprehension. Tests are available for both fiction and non-fiction books at all grade levels and on a variety of subjects.

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Students take AR tests as a quick assessment of their reading comprehension. Tests vary according to grade level and length, but most test vocabulary, theme, plot and general comprehension. Some tests also focus on literary devices such as metaphor and conflict-resolution. The tests are available in both English and Spanish. Students also have the option to have the questions and answers read to them. While students are typically encouraged to take the test without using the source book, they are sometimes allowed to do so.

With AR, books are categorized according to reading level and length. Reading level is a number that roughly corresponds to the grade level of the material. Length is determined according to points, with longer books being worth more points. Students usually have a points goal they are supposed to reach, which they can do with a series of short books or with a long book.

AR features a separate link called AR Book Finder. This allows users to search for books two ways. Users can find book titles according to an assigned reading level, or the system can find and use the reading level of a book the user has already chosen.

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