What Subjects Does the SuccessMaker Program Cover?


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As of 2015, available programs from Pearson's SuccessMaker are SuccessMaker Math and SuccessMaker Reading. Pearson designs both of these programs as continuously adaptive intervention programs for students who either need extra help in math or reading, or who require an educational program that aligns with their individual learning speeds.

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SuccessMaker's math and reading programs are both computer-based and operate in an interactive, game-like format. Each student starts at the same beginning level, and as each progresses, the program utilizes its continuously adaptive technology to adjust the material according to the student's performance. Students who progress quickly soon confront more challenging material, whereas those who move more slowly encounter easier material adapted to their situations. Those who need extra help also have the advantage of tutorials and other aids. According to Pearson, English language learners have had considerable success using SuccessMaker's math and reading material.

Both SuccessMaker Math and SuccessMaker Reading follow, collect and report on individual student progress by using real-time data, including reporting on the number of attempts made by a student and the time spent on each assignment. The programs forecast student performance to enable teachers and parents to identify problematic areas and focus on solutions to those problems.

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