What Subjects and Grade Levels Does the A Beka Curriculum Cover?

Art, foreign language, math, English and science are some of the subjects that A Beka Book curriculum covers. Curriculum for grades kindergarten to 12 is available in core subjects, such as language and math.

The complete A Beka Book product line includes teaching aids, assessments and textbooks for roughly 23 subjects in print, PDF downloads and digital format. This does not include subject headings with subcategories that contain even more subjects and curriculum, such as the three Romance languages under the foreign language subject heading. The complete list of A Beka Book subjects is available at ABeka.com.

Parents can purchase single titles, subject kits or full grade kits. For each subject, there is a corresponding children's kit and an instructor's kit. Kits retail for roughly $100 to $300.

A Beka Book emphasizes a classical education, and all grade kits include appropriate Bible study and conform overall to the principles of a Classical Trivium-based education. The first grade kit contains the expected portions of introductory arithmetic, writing, reading and phonics. Additional subjects include manners, spelling, poetry, Aesop's fables and pets.

By contrast, the 12th grade kit covers Shakespeare under the English literature requirement, grammar, composition, pre-calculus and physics, in addition to American government and economics. Each related parent grade kit consists of the teacher's editions and answer keys for all textbooks, assignments, quizzes and exams in the student kit.