What Are Some Subjects Covered in a McGraw-Hill Science Book?


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Although there are different grade levels of McGraw-Hill science books, they all cover the subjects of life, earth and physical sciences. These books are available for kindergarten to sixth grade students. In each of these different grade level science books, there are various chapters and sections on different topics.

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Under the life science subject, the first grade science book has two units with two chapters each that cover topics, such as plants and animals and their habitats. Similarly, the subjects of earth and physical sciences contain topics that include the earth, weather, matter, motion and energy. Each chapter also has vocabulary games.

With each increasing grade level, the material in each subject matter is more advanced. For example, under the life science subject, the sixth grade book contains chapters on the classification of living things, cells, genetics and ecosystems. Additionally, some other chapters found in the subjects of earth and physical sciences are conservation of the earth's natural resources, astronomy, classification of matter, chemistry, and exploring forces and energy.

The Macmillan/McGraw-Hill website contains these different science books. By clicking on a particular book, students can see the various units and topics discussed in these books. The website also provides a link to animated chapter reviews or summaries, quizzes and types of careers available in the subject matter. For example, in the sixth grade book, the chapter on life sciences has a link to different careers in this are, including wildlife biologist and tree technician.

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