What Subjects Are Covered in Fourth Grade Mathematics?

What Subjects Are Covered in Fourth Grade Mathematics?

Some of the subjects or topics covered in fourth grade math include reviewing addition and subtraction, continuing work on multiplication and division, and dealing with fractions. Some geometry is covered, as are decimals, measurements, factors and place values.

Addition and subtraction in fourth grade requires students to be able to work with multi-digit whole numbers. Fourth grade students build on what they learned in third grade about multiplication and division. However, in fourth grade, students also deal with remainders, long division, multi-digit numbers and word problems.

Fraction work in fourth grade includes adding, subtracting and multiplying, learning about mixed numbers and equivalent fractions, along with comparing fractions with unlike denominators. Students also work with decomposing fractions. Students learn how decimals are similar to fractions and how to work with them.

The geometry work in fourth grade includes learning about triangles, angles and quadrilaterals. Students learn about the concepts of parallel and perpendicular, lines of symmetry, and line segments and rays. Along the lines of geometry are measurements, such as weight and mass, money word problems, distance and time word problems.

Fourth grade math students continue with rounding and place value, adding onto the ones, tens and hundreds they have already learned about. During this year, students learn about thousands, millions and whole numbers.