What Subjects Are Covered in the 6th Grade of an Online School?

What Subjects Are Covered in the 6th Grade of an Online School?

The subjects covered in the sixth grade of various online schools include: Humanities, Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies and Technology. Specific programs may cover more than these core subjects.

One such online school program is Connections Academy. As of 2015, this institution offers an array of classes covering the aforementioned topics. In Humanities, sixth grade students can participate in a year long exploration of art. This coursework includes studying the basics of design and finding creative ways to apply them.

This program offers two types of language arts courses for sixth graders. Those that qualify can participate in "Gifted and Talented Literature Study" while other may take "Language Arts." Books studied in the gifted courses include Walk Two Moons and Soumchi.

Similar to language arts, this program offers both gifted and mainstream math education. The Gifted course includes Pre-algebra, while the other courses focus on practicing the four operations, pattern recognition and problem solving with fractions.

Science courses at Connections Academy are project oriented and focus on developing an understanding of Earth, life and physical science concepts.

The focus of social studies at the sixth grade level is ancient civilizations. The main text used by this school is the iText Glencoe World History: Journey Across Time.