What Subjects Do Children Learn in Second Grade?

What Subjects Do Children Learn in Second Grade?

Although specific curricula vary by school, children in second grade usually have classes in language arts, math, science, social studies, technology, physical education, art and music. In second grade, students expand their basic reading ability and practice reading fluidly without pausing at words.

They improve reading comprehension and answer questions about the material. Children practice writing grammatically correct sentences and improve spelling, punctuation use and handwriting. In social studies class, students learn about their local community and compare it to other communities and regions.

In math class, students practice mental addition and subtraction of small numbers and learn the basics of multiplication and division. In many classrooms, students learn multiplications tables for numbers one through five. Science classes typically focus on the planet and natural resources. They study the Earth's history and fossils and learn about plants and animals.

Second graders in many schools also learn to use basic technology. Some classrooms use computers and tablets regularly, while others may have a computer lab every week. Technology is often used in the classroom to support learning in other subject areas, such as reading and math.

Students may use word-processing programs, spreadsheets and presentation software. Students learn to use a keyboard and mouse, send email and do basic online research.