How Do You Study Using a Free Practice Driver's Test?


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People can study with a free practice driver's test by quizzing themselves on sample questions that frequently appear on the written driver's exam, and by reading over driver's manuals, which are a good source of information. To start, people can visit the DMV website, which has a set of seven practice questions. These questions cover basic knowledge of driving safety and appropriate behavior, states the DMV.

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The DMV recommends taking a practice driving quiz online, as answers to those questions have answers similar to the actual exam. Start with the practice questions on its website, but the DMV stresses that people should review at least 50 to 100 practice questions prior to the exam.

On the DMV's site, practice questions might include how to react at intersections and when driving in traffic. For example, a question might ask whether a car's tires should be turned to the left, right, or face straight ahead while a person is waiting to make a left-hand turn. Another question might ask whether, and when, it is okay to exceed the speed limit when passing another car.

Questions also review safety information. When to wear a seat belt is a common practice question, as is how to safely pass pedestrians. Take this practice exam several times, and use manuals and more comprehensive practice quizzes as supplementary resources, suggests the DMV.

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