How Do You Study for a Test Exam?

How Do You Study for a Test Exam?

Study for a test exam by reviewing the material, testing yourself and identifying your weak areas. Then, work to improve your weak areas, and test yourself again.

Gather all the material your instructor has provided during the semester. This includes notes, PowerPoint presentations, assignments, handouts and old exams. Go through the material either by yourself or with a study group.

Make photocopies of the old tests you have taken, and white out the responses. You can use these photocopies as practice exams and retake them until you ace each one. If you are missing some questions, go back to the sections in your notes or textbook that cover the concepts. Once you are confident that you understand, retake the practice exams.

Organize your notes, and look for any missing information from the lectures. Once you are certain that you have all the notes, go through them, and underline key concepts. Prepare your own practice test, and retake it until you are confident that you have mastered the material.

Revisit your old assignments. You can also turn to the chapter tests in your textbook and retake them until you are fully comfortable with every question.

Find other textbooks that cover the same material, and complete the exercises. Other textbooks often offer different explanations for the same problems. You might find their explanations more helpful.