How Do You Study for the SAT?


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To study for the SAT, learn the requirements of the test, and then tailor normal study techniques to meet those requirements. Understanding and preparing for the mental and emotional demands of the test also assists in sound SAT preparation.

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Study sophisticated and varied reading matter in order to prepare for the SAT critical reading portion. Pay special attention to learning how to form memories while reading and take note of details such as plot development and information about characters.

Study the math portion by gaining a clear understanding of all concepts, and then practicing problem-solving thoroughly. Writing is tested through the use of an essay assignment, so it is advisable to create an easy-to-follow template. Focus on the development of an extensive vocabulary and a firm grasp of grammar rules when studying for this portion.

When practicing for the SAT, use the same time limits imposed in the SAT itself so as to improve speed and accuracy. Correct all practice errors and continue to practice till the errors can be eliminated. It’s advisable to start preparation in grades 7 through 9, as this allows for gradual build up of knowledge. However, the use of SAT guides and flash cards can be excellent study resources if that window was missed.

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