How Do You Study for an Northwest Evaluation Association Measures of Academic Progress Test?


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The best way to study for a Northwest Evaluation Association Measures of Academic Progress test is through active participation and attentiveness in the classroom. Parents should meet with their child's teacher to discuss the child's progress and get ideas about how specifically the child needs to improve.

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If you are preparing for a MAP test, meet with your teacher one-on-one to find out your specific study needs. Create a quiet study space that is free from distractions. Get eight to nine hours of sleep every single night, not just the night before the test, and eat well. Build mental strength and endurance by reading non-required material.

Although it is not timed, the MAP test usually lasts between 15 and 30 minutes in the primary grades, so it is a good idea to read for a full 30 minutes to practice paying attention for the duration of the test. The test usually takes about an hour in upper grades, so upper grade students should read for a full hour in preparation.

If your young child is taking the test, engage him in conversation frequently to help develop his language skills. Encourage writing in a journal or writing a letter to a friend. Have a word of the week. When reading with your child, ask him to talk to you about his favorite part.

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