How Do You Study for the NCCT Medical Assistant Test?

Study for the NCCT medical assistant test by reviewing the sample questions provided on the National Center for Competency Testing's website at Alternatively, prepare for the exam by taking the practice test available on the website, suggests the National Center for Competency Testing.

The medical assistant's exam features questions in multiple formats, including multiple choice, drag and drop diagrams, multi-select and hotspot questions, explains the National Center for Competency Testing. Hotspot questions require test takers to select areas of a graph to determine the correct answer or configuration on the exam.

A review of the NCMA detailed test plan materials provided by NCCT can help students prepare for the exam, states the National Center for Competency Testing. Study topics should include pharmacology, medical procedures, patient care, phlebotomy and diagnostic testing. Students should also review the basics of general office procedures, medical records, scheduling, financial management such as billing and insurance, and legal and ethical issues faced by medical assistants.

Students should engage in active processes when studying medical course material, suggests the University of California San Diego's School of Medicine. Active studying involves organizing information, memorizing terminology and applying learned information into complex formats, such as quiz or practice questions or clinical uses for the procedures and processes.