How Do You Study for the MCAT?

How Do You Study for the MCAT?

Study for the Medical College Admission Test by reviewing the topics covered by the test, creating a study plan, taking advantage of available resources to help you prepare for the MCAT and taking practice tests. Studying for the MCAT should be done over a three- to six-month period so that the information learned is still fresh on test day.

The MCAT includes sections on the physical sciences, biological sciences and verbal reasoning. Prospective medical students are expected to have a firm knowledge of biological, chemistry, organic chemistry and physics and to have excellent verbal reasoning skills.

Determine how much time is available on a daily basis to study for the MCAT, and plan a study schedule based on that time. Break down the material to be covered into units that fit into the time available.

Many services are available for a fee to help prospective medical students study for an MCAT. Choose from one of these, if possible, or look for free and low-cost options to provide the same input. Team up with other medical school applicants to study together. Colleges often have free practice tests and study prep books available for their students.

Take practice tests periodically. After each practice test, revise the already-prepared study schedule to focus study time on the areas most in need of some extra help.