How Do You Study for a Math Test?

How Do You Study for a Math Test?

To study for a math test, review your notes, math examples and quizzes. Start about a week before the test so you can develop a plan and seek help from your teacher if necessary.

  1. Study actively throughout the class sessions

    Attend class regularly, and take notes. Ask questions, especially if you do not understand something. See your teacher outside of class for help if necessary.

  2. Make a plan, and ensure your foundation is solid

    Create a study plan about a week before the test, depending on how comprehensive the test is. You may want to incorporate group study into your plan. Determine which topics you need to spend more time on. If you are shaky in previous material, use your time to strengthen your foundation. Math is all-encompassing, and your chances of doing well on a test increase if your grasp on prior material is solid.

  3. Review quizzes and examples of question types expected to be on the test

    Go through your homework and quizzes folder to find material relevant to the test. Do these problems again. Your textbook may also have chapter reviews and practice questions. Only work on questions to which answers are available.

  4. Summarize the test material

    Write an overview that summarizes the test material. Include key concepts, formulas and sample problems and solutions.