How Do You Study for a Leadership Exam?


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To study for a leadership exam, determine the coverage of the test, study several weeks before the test, and organize review materials, including books, handouts and notes. Find out if the test administrator offers tutorials and other study guides, and take practice exams if available. It also helps to consider hypothetical situations that may be included in the exam, and study about orientation and training.

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Individuals who are taking leadership courses are likely to encounter test questions about topics discussed during the course. Those who seek to obtain education credentials should find out state-specific test criteria.

Leadership tests usually require test-takers to explain their response to particular problems, such as how to create a positive environment in a negative setting. It's also important to prepare for questions such as how to improve the performance of a struggling teacher.

Leadership tests often involve writing short essays on topics related to leadership, education and development. It helps to set word count and time limitations when practicing writing essays to get accustomed to the pressure of taking a leadership exam. It's also a good idea to study regularly at the same hours daily, and allocate studying hours similar to the length of the exam period. For instance, a person should study for two hours each day if the leadership test takes two hours to complete.

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