How Does Study Island Help Students Figure Out the Answers to Math Problems?


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Study Island helps students figure out how to solve math problems through instruction using multimedia-based lessons, worksheets and games, notes Edsurge. Students take pre-tests to assess their mastery of a math concept and determine what skills gaps they have. They can then complete test preparation activities that teach them to solve problems in that skill area.

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Study Island is designed to help kindergarten through twelfth grade students master concepts for standardized tests, and its materials are aligned with state standards. Teachers use the web-based program to give students opportunities to practice the types of math questions they come across on important tests and to engage themselves in games and multimedia lessons to get extra help with their weak areas. Furthermore, Study Island gives teachers access to assessment scores so that they can provide further assistance with tough math concepts, reports Edmentum Inc.

In addition to taking a preliminary assessment and studying the materials Study Island offers, each student completes tests to determine what further action is needed. Students get ribbons for mastered areas, while they complete additional practice questions when they fail a test for a certain math skill. Each question answered incorrectly is followed by an explanation for what the answer should be and why, which can help students understand how to answer similar problems for later test questions. Study Island awards students with short games for questions correctly answered to help keep them engaged.

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