How Does Study Island Help Students?


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Study Island is an online program designed to help children master the information required by the Common Core Standards used in schools. The program helps improve performance in key skill areas such as math.

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Study Island can be used by teachers as part of group teaching, and students can respond using a classroom response system or a standard test format. Teachers are able to guide students and even create assignments to help ensure that each student has learned the things he needs to know.

The program can be used on the computer or on mobile devices. This allows the program to be used by individual students at their own pace to allow students a chance to individualize their learning and work only on the areas in which they need the most practice. Students may use worksheets, or they can work through an interactive game format of learning, depending on what their teacher considers the best method for them.

To help keep students on track and allow teachers to see what topics need more work, Study Island provides real-time assessments. Feedback is immediate, and any remediation a student may need is built directly into the program. This ensures that learning can be tailored as needed for each student.

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